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ASEAN Importers

International exporters can always look up Asean importers and Asean buyers in the directory listing thousands of importers' profiles. ASEAN Importers are introduced in the Asean Trade News or Asean Import Export News of the site.


AseanIMEX is an abbreviation of ASEAN IMPORT EXPORT. The ASEAN Trade Gateway is built by GLOFO Corp of GLOFO Group located at TSX Toronto Stock Exchange Tower in Toronto, Canada.

AseanIMEX is established due to the fact that the massive scales of Asean Import Export gateways have made international traders confused when looking for qualified buyers and sellers in Asean member nations.

Asean Trade Sectors are various, therefore this site is the right place introducing all popular sectors of each country of ASEAN to international traders, international exporters, international importers, international manufacturers, international suppliers, international wholesalers. This is all of whatever and whenever we demand to do international trade business with ASEAN, the nowadays developed zone in ASIA.

The is popular with Asean Export Directory and Asean Import Directory listing asean manufacturers, asean suppliers, asean wholesalers, asean distributors. Basically, there are mainly two kinds of asean traders, asean importers and asean exporters.

ASEAN Traders

This Asean Import Export site is the connection between Asean and the world. It helps Asean Member Nations doing many businesses with the world. International Traders can look up Asean Traders right at the international trade directory.

ASEAN Exporters

International importers can always look up Asean exporters and Asean sellers in the directory listing thousands of exporters' profiles. ASEAN Exporters are introduced in the Asean Trade News or Asean Import Export News of the site.

ASEAN Manufacturers

Asean Manufacturers are always looking for manufacturing contracts from North America, European, ...Asean manufacturers are nowadays trusted more than before because of the increasing quality all the times. The most important goal of every contract Asean obtains from the world is quality firstly. Asean manufacturers always build trusts with international business partners as long term goals.

Asean nations are good at manufacturing Asean products at high standard and quality. Throughout the directory of Asean Import Export Gateway or Asean Trade Gateway, international traders over the world can easily look for qualified Asean manufacturers as the purpose of doing international business in long terms.

Asean Suppliers

Thousands of Asean suppliers in our Asean trade network are waiting for your offers. These are the reliable suppliers of Asean are selected carefully by our knowledge and experienced international trade experts.

ASEAN Products

More and more Asean traders know about ASEANIMEX.COM as a online gateway offering a variety of made in Asean products such as Asean Coffee, Asean Rice, Asean Tea, Asean Cashew, Asean Rubber, Asean Plastic products, Asean Garment, Asean Footwear, Asean Textile, Asean Seafood, Asean aquatic products and so on.

ASEAN International Trade Center

Contact to our center of ASEAN International Trade to help you market your business' products or services to and from ASEAN.

Welcome to ASEAN International Trade Center providing you with Asean import companies and Asean export companies, Asean Import Export news and Asean resources information.

Asean Global Trade

The Asean Import Export site, ASEAN IMEX, provides much useful information for exploring the opportunities of Asean imports and Asean exports, Global Trade Opportunities, International Trade Help , Asean Import Export Statistics.

International Trade Directory

The Asean Import Export Portal is developed for all asean exporters and asean importers around the world. The international trade directory is not just for Asean companies, but also for any company who would do business with Asean buyers, Asean sellers, Asean wholesalers, Asean suppliers and Asean manufacturers. So register your company now to reach the potential market.



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